Gain Deep Insight into Your Most Complex Choices

We specialize in helping companies discover innovative new opportunities and make the best possible strategic investments amidst uncertain—and unseen—market forces.

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Prepare Today for the Energy Needs of Tomorrow

We help industry leaders sort through political risk, shifting regulatory mandates, societal issues, and commodity market volatility over long time horizons.

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Choose the Right Path in a World of Uncertainty

Key business decisions are often clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate or ill-defined goals, leaving tremendous value on the table. We help global businesses improve decisions—and how they’re made.

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Celebrating 40 years

Celebrate 40 years of SDG


“How to Make Strategic Trade-Offs”

New CEOs with a fresh vision for the company or established leaders who are charting a new course face ...


“How Decision Quality Powered by AI is Dramatically Improving Project Value”

In capital-intensive industries like oil and gas, pharma, and others, multi-million and even billion-dollar high-stakes decisions are made on ...

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June 14

Forbes Names SDG to America's Best Consulting Firms in Finance and Risk Management

MENLO PARK, Calif. (June 13, 2023) – Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), a boutique management consulting firm specializing in the...