Celebrating 40 years

Celebrate 40 years of SDG

Gain Deep Insight into Your Most Complex Choices

We specialize in helping companies discover innovative new opportunities and make the best possible strategic investments amidst uncertain—and unseen—market forces.

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Prepare Today for the Energy Needs of Tomorrow

We help industry leaders sort through political risk, shifting regulatory mandates, societal issues, and commodity market volatility over long time horizons.

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Choose the Right Path in a World of Uncertainty

Key business decisions are often clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate or ill-defined goals, leaving tremendous value on the table. We help global businesses improve decisions—and how they’re made.

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Reinventing Capital Project Delivery

Embedding Decision Quality to Improve Project Success Large capital projects are a great place for building in decision quality—from beginning ...

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Earn a Certificate in Strategic Decision & Risk Management

Earn a Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin Successful decision-making processes are not intuitive In order to make ...

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October 21

Negotiation and Collaborative Decision Making



Charting the Road to Energy Transition

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September 28

Strategic Decisions Group Elects New Partner to Lead Life Sciences Practice in North America

William Leaf-Herrmann has more than 25 years of experience as a strategic advisor to senior executives in life sciences....