SDG specializes in improving business performance, especially in industries like aerospace, characterized by complex, long-term investment decisions and fierce competition. SDG is a pioneer in applying decision science to intricate, uncertain business and commercial decisions, and in managing risk and uncertainty in capital-intensive organizations. We provide a range of tailored services to support organizational decision quality.

Embracing decision quality yields valuable benefits, including access to high-value strategies, accelerated decision-making, and enhanced organizational alignment. 

Our comprehensive suite of customized services is designed to elevate organizational decision quality, leading to a multitude of valuable benefits, including the identification of high-value strategies, expedited decision-making processes, and improved organizational alignment.

Rising to the Challenge in Aerospace today.

Better Decisions in a Rapidly Changing Environment

The aerospace industry is experiencing significant changes across technologies, systems, and organizations. The volume of business opportunities is growing dramatically, with new technologies maturing faster than ever. The emergence of new companies and the capabilities they are offering are reshaping the competitive landscape. Succeeding in this environment will require a sound approach to risk-informed decision-making, one that helps in managing risk, considering all options, and capturing important opportunities.

Dr. Sang-Won Kim


Houston, USA

“Aerospace leaders need a reliable method for appropriately addressing the risk while seeking the highest value in a challenging environment.
We have proven approaches.”

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