The Importance of Portfolio Strategy in an Era of Real-Time Portfolio Management

Today, many pharma companies are investing in capabilities and tools to enable real-time portfolio management, in the belief this will help find the best portfolio for their company. However, real-time portfolio management is no substitute for a clear, forward-looking portfolio strategy.


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Using the portfolio management tools to guide strategy is like using your car’s steering wheel to decide where you want to travel for vacation. You need the wheel and instrument panel, but without a goal, you are lost.

In this webinar, two experienced life science advisors address the key distinctions between portfolio strategy and portfolio management. They will discuss how to strike the right balance across understanding the science (potential benefits and risks), the commercial opportunities (the unmet market needs), and the competition. The speakers also address related topics including when to start thinking about lifecycle management and how to appropriately link portfolio strategy and management.

View this webinar to learn:

The potential risks of real-time portfolio management.

The difference between portfolio strategy and management and how to link them.

Striking the right balance between science, opportunity, and competition.

When to introduce lifecycle management.


Deepak Veeraraghavan


Duesseldorf, Germany


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