Navigating the Crossroad: Energy Transition Decisions Amid AI

AI holds immense promise as a catalyst for enabling energy transition, revolutionizing operational efficiencies, and driving sustainable practices. However, its growing energy consumption poses challenges to the power grid and could result in increased emissions.

Discover how leading companies navigate complex decisions filled with uncertainties in energy transition and AI investment, drawing from real-world examples. 


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Key topics include:

AI's Bi-Directional Impact

How AI brings both opportunities and challenges in shaping the energy transition world?

Energy Transition Decisions

AI's impact on energy transition.

Navigating Uncertainties

Strategies for navigating uncertainties and making informed decisions.

With SDG’s expertise in decision science and analytics, we empower organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive sustainable growth and resilience in an evolving energy landscape.

Join us for “Navigating the Crossroad: Energy Transition Decisions Amid AI” as we unlock the opportunities of harnessing AI’s potential, managing risks, and optimizing decision-making for a sustainable energy future.

Our Speakers

Dr. Sang-Won Kim


Dr. Sang-Won Kim leads the global energy practice from SDG’s Houston office, guiding clients for over 25 years in making major capital investments and developing decision support systems across capital intensive industries.

William Peng

Associate Consultant

William Peng, an associate consultant based in Boston, has been supporting clients on critical strategic decisions on capital investments and business strategies through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Einar Sveinsson


Einar Sveinsson is a principal at SDG, advising clients across the energy value chain, focusing on the energy transition, particularly decarbonization, renewable power investments, CCS, and the full hydrogen value chain.

Leandro Basilio

CEO of Deep Seed Solutions

Leandro Basilio, CEO of Deep Seed Solutions, brings extensive leadership in oil and gas projects, spanning over 15 years, centers on global expansion, digital transformation, efficient capital projects, and the energy sector’s transition.

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