The Coming Energy Transition: Value Metrics and Alternatives to Consider Now

Energy companies have no shortage of strategic alternatives to consider in the coming transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewables. Investments can be made in solar, natural gas, carbon capture, methane reduction, or biofuels to name a few. In this changing energy landscape, new value measures have emerged as well. Should companies focus on carbon intensity (gCO2e/MJ) or their absolute emissions (CO2e)? How should NPV and other economic value measures be weighted relative to environmental value measures?


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Alternatives and values are intricately linked and critically important for quality energy transition decision making. Clear value measures can help in identifying which alternatives to consider—and which one to select.

View this informative webinar—the first in our series on this topic—to learn how companies are thinking about energy transition strategy, value measures, and alternatives. While the focus is on the oil & gas companies at the heart of energy transition, others may find value in the material.


Dr. Eric Bickel


Houston, USA


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