Hydrogen Scenario Planning

Hydrogen can play a pivotal role in achieving net zero goals, given its abundance and versatility. Realizing the commercial-scale use of clean hydrogen will require technological breakthroughs across the hydrogen value chain and advances in other low-carbon technologies such as CCUS and renewable power. These requirements present enormous uncertainty in how the hydrogen economy will evolve—more specifically, which applications will live up to the hype. Given this uncertainty, combined with seemingly limitless applications of hydrogen, it is challenging to decide where and how to participate in the hydrogen value chain.

This webinar brings together industry experts and advisors to present how a customized approach to scenario planning can guide organizations as they consider value-creating alternatives in the hydrogen economy. They will demonstrate that the decision makers’ frame should derive the set of uncertainties to be used to construct scenarios, and how each scenario should inform and advance decision making toward a focused hydrogen strategy.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How the hydrogen value chain is structured—production, transportation, storage, applications
  • The key uncertainties that drive the evolution of the hydrogen economy—market, technological, regulatory
  • How to construct hydrogen scenarios and use them to drive decision implications and build a strategy


Sang-Won Kim advises companies in making large capital investment decisions throughout energy value chain. He is a partner and head of the global energy practice of management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group.

Mauricio Davila specializes in strategic planning, competitor analysis, valuation of companies, market research, and regulatory policy analysis in the energy and chemical industries. He is co-founder and managing director of EnerChemTek.

Mitch Halpern specializes in the development of innovation programs, IP monetization and evaluation strategies, and scenario planning for companies in process industries. He is principal consultant for innovation and IP management at EnerChemTek.

Mihir Joshi advises clients in oil & gas and decarbonization. A former R&D engineer at a carbon capture company, he is an associate consultant at Strategic Decisions Group.


Original Webinar Date: July 14, 2022