Major capital projects, due to their substantial cost, vast scope, extended duration, and inherent complexity, expose organizations to significant risks. Unforeseen events, ranging from natural disasters like typhoons to shifts in regulations and political instability, can disrupt or even jeopardize a project.

To navigate these turbulent waters successfully, a strategic approach to risk management is imperative. Unpredictable events and intricate decisions are intrinsic to ventures such as airports, infrastructure development, and power plants.

Empowering Sustainable Success

Navigating Long-Term Journeys in Megaprojects with SDG Expertise

At SDG, we recognize that these projects are not merely short-term endeavors but rather long-term journeys with enduring financial implications. Our expertise empowers you to make the right choices, ensuring that your project’s success endures for decades to come. In the realm of megaprojects, the decisions made today shape the legacy of tomorrow. 

Our Approach

Innovative ways to structure public-private partnerships, linking government and industry for the benefit of all stakeholders

An emphasis on decisions that directly impact value, downstream flexibility, and risk exposure

Identification and quantitative evaluation of uncertainties that threaten on-time and on-budget project delivery

A methodology that analyzes the interrelationship between schedule and cost risk factors

Proven assessment techniques for eliminating biases

Actionable insights to support ongoing decision and risk management as key uncertainties are resolved over time

A commitment to engage diverse stakeholders and foster alignment around critical decisions and risk management

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