Given their cost, scope, duration, and complexity, major capital projects bring exposure to significant risks. Unforeseen events, from typhoons and environmental disasters to regulatory changes and political upheaval, can delay or derail a project with catastrophic financial consequences.

Risk management for the long term. Strategic Decision Group’s approach to managing risk recognizes that decisions around megaprojects such as airports, roads, rail systems, public utilities, and power plants, cannot be made one day and carried out the next.

Rather, a stream of complex decisions are made and executed over a long time frame with increasing levels of financial commitment. Choices involving site selection, engineering, construction, financing, procurement, scheduling, staffing, and other variables will have a profound impact on the economics, performance and success of the project for years—and perhaps decades—to come.

Locking in long-term value. Over the past three decades, SDG has applied its unique decision analytics, tools, and processes to helping commercial and governmental entities optimize the value of large capital expenditures, manage megaproject risks, and minimize value leakage in the course of executing large capital investments. Our approach is differentiated by:

  • Innovative ways to structure public-private partnerships, linking government and industry for the benefit of all stakeholders;
  • An emphasis on decisions that directly impact value, downstream flexibility, and risk exposure;
  • Identification and quantitative evaluation of uncertainties that threaten on-time and on-budget project delivery;
  • A methodology that analyzes the interrelationship between schedule and cost risk factors;
  • Proven assessment techniques for eliminating biases;
  • Actionable insights to support ongoing decision and risk management as key uncertainties are resolved over time; and
  • A commitment to engage diverse stakeholders and foster alignment around critical decisions and risk management.

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