Decision Consulting Workshop

The Decision Consulting Workshop, SDG’s basic training for its new consultants, is an essential step in building or growing an internal decision support group. SDG’s goal is to help your organization move away from decision-making based on “advocacy” by project champions and toward a more powerful, collaborative Dialogue Decision Process. This two-week workshop teaches the group facilitation and decision analysis skills that SDG’s decision consultants use to guide organizations through the challenging tasks of developing winning strategies.

Course Topics

  • Measuring decision quality
  • Facilitating Dialogue Decision Process project teams
  • Framing decision problems
  • Developing creative alternatives
  • Building spreadsheet-based decision models
  • Interviewing potentially biased experts
  • Identifying key sources of value and sources of risk
  • Analyzing alternatives
  • Using decision analysis software
  • Leading decision board dialogues


Participants receive free software for calculating and drawing tornado diagrams, waterfall charts, flying-bar charts, and decision trees. In addition, you will receive a template for creating powerful decision models in Excel and an “Excel function library” that contains many commonly used functions used in decision models. We will also arrange for a trial version of the probabilistic analysis software that we use in the workshop.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is beneficial to individuals and teams who are responsible for building their company’s internal decision quality capabilities. Many participants attend as part of a corporate team; discounts are available for teams registering at the same time.

DCW On Site

An on-site session of this program can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.