Technology & Communications

In the fast-paced world of technology and communications, companies face multiple challenges, from evolving markets and policy changes to international restrictions and technology misuse.

We understand that success in the technology and communications industry requires adaptive strategies and efficient decision-making. We help you navigate the ever-changing landscape and achieve your strategic goals.

Driving Innovation.

Unleashing Strategic Competence​

At SDG, we provide a clear competitive perspective and unique methods for optimizing products to meet future customer needs. We offer a wide range of strategic services to address pressing issues related to product and platform strategies, optimal value chain participation, and ecosystem development.

Our Services

We provide a full range of strategic services that help our clients answer their most challenging questions, including:

Product & Platform Strategy
  • Who should buy our products – and who should not?
  • How many products should we have?
  • How should feature differences, pricing, and business-model variations be used to differentiate among products?
Optimal Value-Chain Participation
  • Where can we play most effectively?
  • Where do we need to play to increase value and/or enhance our sustainability?
Ecosystem Development
  • What all is needed for our innovations to be discovered, purchased, and used effectively by our target customers?
  • How do we make it happen?
New Product Development, Strategy, or Budgeting Process Enhancement
  • How do we tailor activities to best support the decisions to be made?
  • How do we get more value with less overhead?
Portfolio Value Management & ERM Implementation
  • How do we install firm-wide systems to drive transparent situational assessment, high-quality innovation ideas, and efficient & effective decision-making?

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