Firms in technology or communications may do a lot of different things – from developing a killer software platform, to commercializing a new display technology, to deploying a next-generation communications network. But what is shared are a set of universal conditions and challenges:

  • Constant change
  • Uncertainty
  • Ever-present requirement to focus on unmet – often unarticulated – customer need
  • Unrelenting pressure to both improve products and reduce their cost
  • And, frequently, nearly winner-takes-all stakes.

Yes. Profits can be bigger and come faster than in other industries—but nowhere else do such a high percentage of new ventures fail.

Strategic Decisions Group brings a distinct perspective, unique methodologies, and collaborative models that allow our clients to find the right break-out ideas—and see those through to successful implementation. When a CEO asked us “how can we sell this low-growth division?” we helped him reframe to “Should we divest? If so, when—and, what should we do first to maximize value?”

We preach – and practice – that in the 21st century strategy is not just “choosing the road you want to take.” Today, it is setting an initial course – while understanding options and contingencies – and deploying the GPS and road-condition monitoring systems that will keep you on target. Strategy has to be dynamic, and implementation has to incorporate corrective-action trigger points. Or else that chosen road is certain to have rocky stretches.

We provide a full range of strategic services that help our clients answer their most challenging questions, including:

  • Product and platform strategy – Who should buy our products – and who should not? How many products should we have? How should feature differences, pricing, and business-model variations be used to differentiate among products?
  • Optimal value-chain participation – Where can we play most effectively? Where do we need to play to increase value and/or enhance our sustainability?
  • Ecosystem development – What all is needed for our innovations to be discovered, purchased, and used effectively by our target customers? How do we make it happen?
  • NPD, strategy, or budgeting process enhancement – How do we tailor activities to best support the decisions to be made? How do we get more value with less overhead?
  • Portfolio Value Management and ERM implementation – How do we install firm-wide systems to drive transparent situational assessment, high-quality innovation ideas, and efficient & effective decision-making?

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