Perhaps no area of enterprise is more clouded by uncertainty and more buffeted by market and regulatory turbulence than the energy industry. Compounding the strategic challenge are the complexity of operations,  need for massive bets, and long time horizons. On top of all that,  the energy sector must deal with political risk, shifting regulatory mandates, societal issues, and commodity market volatility.

We help energy clients make the most far-reaching decisions along the full continuum of the energy value chain, from test drilling for oil, to investing in new technology, to replacing or maintaining aging transmission infrastructure. We advise clients in oil and gas, electric power, technology, and related industries on topics ranging from portfolio mix and downstream operations to T&D asset management. In all our engagements, we work with clients to face risk and uncertainty in a systematic way to ensure that the best possible decisions are made.

Balancing priorities. More than ever before, industry leaders must balance the world’s growing demand for low-cost, reliable energy with the vital need for sustainability. SDG’s Energy  Practice is built around this mission.

SDG’s energy and environmental consultants are recognized for their informed insights into the complex issues facing the industry today. Their facilitative style and use of unique strategic tools, analytics, and processes have helped energy executives and their teams manage risks, make decisions, and create robust, implementable strategies for securing sustainable value for stakeholders, without compromising current needs.

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