Multi-Party DQ: Collaboration & Competition in Decision-Making

In many decision-making situations, more than one decision body is involved—perhaps a company and one of its suppliers are trying to agree on contractual terms, or joint venture partners representing four different corporations are attempting to decide what each will contribute and what each will receive for their united efforts. 

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In these cases, there is no sense of common entity; each participant is likely to want different things, and each is motivated to place its interests above those of the others. While all may wish to create value through their decisions, there may be no agreement on how that value will be shared—at least initially. 

Each will want a larger piece of the pie they create and share together. In this session, we introduce a framework for these multi-party decisions using a competitive-collaborative continuum, with competitive win-lose on one end, where parties compete for fixed value, and collaborative win-win on the other end, where parties collaborate for value creation. (taken from Stanford SDRM sample course syllabus for (CDMN Collaborative Decision-Making and Negotiation)

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