Human Biases in Decision-Making

In this course, we introduce an organizing framework for understanding the biases and behavioral distortions in decision making and explore their implications. For each topic, we explore specific effects that are produced in our natural decision behavior. Through a mixture of classroom discussions and breakout activities, participants identify the effects and develop tactics to prevent or address these effects when they arise.

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Our philosophy is that the best learning occurs when participants “learn by doing.” Therefore, this course is a blend of faculty presentations, whole-class discussions, and breakout group exercises. We have found that this blend of learning modes gives the best introduction, and the approach makes the concepts “stick,” especially if they are practiced on a real project following the course.

Who Should Attend

Leaders and decision makers will find this course useful as an overview of the many pitfalls in human decision making, and also as an introduction to techniques for avoiding these traps.

In this 2- day course, we explore each category of biases and how to address it:

Day 1.

  • How the Mind Works
  • Habits and Personality
  • Protection of Mindset
  • Automatic Associations

Day 2.

  • Relative Thinking
  • Faulty Reasoning: Complexity
  • Faulty Reasoning: Uncertainty
  • Social Influences
  • Synthesis & Planning

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