Mid-Career Executives and Professionals Can Earn Certificate By Completing Five Short Courses from a Broad Curriculum  Including Innovation, Decision Making, Risk Management, Negotiation

SAN MATEO, Calif. – (February 26, 2018) The Aresty Institute of Executive Education of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is collaborating with Strategic Decisions Group to launch a new Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate program.

The certificate program, designed to reach a broad spectrum of executives and mid-career professionals, will focus on managing risk and uncertainty to make better strategic decisions.

The program, titled the Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program, comprises a curriculum of short individual programs and classes – most between 2 and 5 days each – in topics such as strategic decision making, innovation, negotiation, decision quality, and enterprise risk management. Participants who successfully complete five courses from a set of core and elective courses will earn the certificate.



“Decision making is hard, and even smart people with good intentions can make very poor decisions if they slip into natural tendencies that result in biases,” said Dr. Barbara Mellers, Professor of Marketing at Wharton and Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. “The world is an increasingly difficult place to predict. Through a program like this, participants will learn new skills, develop analytical techniques, and recognize innate biases so they can make better decisions themselves and, perhaps more important, guide their organizations toward decisions that create value.”

Dr. Mellers is the academic director of the Wharton Executive Education and SDG Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program.

Carl Spetzler, SDG


“Wharton has a stellar reputation as a provider of leadership training and continuous professional development,” said Dr. Carl Spetzler, chief executive officer of SDG. “Demand is growing for the combination of soft skills and analytic skills that decision makers require. Anyone who makes a strategic decision in business, or who supports decision makers with frameworks, process, data, or tools, is a candidate for a certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Wharton.”

Hannah Winter


Hannah Winter, an SDG partner and program director for the Wharton-SDG program, said the program is finalizing its slate of courses now. “The intangible aspects of decision making, such as perspective-taking and understanding bias, prove just as valuable as logic-driven, analytical skills,” she said. “The ability to interact with faculty and other students is an important part of the learning experience, which is why we’ve designed the Wharton program to be highly experiential and collaborative.”

Courses are available in Philadelphia on the Wharton campus, at the Wharton San Francisco campus, and at other locations on the West Coast. Prospective students are invited to apply for admission to the program, and will have three years to complete five courses toward the certificate. There is no application fee. The Wharton Executive Education and SDG Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program is not a degree program. Courses in the certificate program are non-credit, supplemental courses that do not count toward any degree. Participants who complete the certificate program will not be conferred Wharton alumni status.

For more information on the certificate program and available courses and topics, visit the website at www.sdg.com/wharton. To apply, visit www.sdg.com/wharton-apply.


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