Three Things Every Executive Should Know About Risk (*Without the Complicated Math)

Business executives often have to make big decisions without knowing exactly how they will turn out. Many factors—all of them well beyond your control—can affect the outcome of those decisions: future economic trends, the behavior of competitors, the success or failure of new technology, possible governmental regulation.

In this webinar, speaker Steve Tani will explore the three things every executive needs to know about how to handle—and embrace—risk.

  • Properly taking risk into account as a straightforward matter
  • Using a high hurdle rate is a bad way to adjust for risk
  • Most large corporations destroy value by setting their risk appetite too low

And while there is a lot of advanced math and several PhD dissertations behind these three principles, we’re keeping the complicated math to a minimum in this webinar. (If, however, you can’t wait to dive into the math behind it, be sure to download our white paper and a risk-adjusted value tool in Excel after you’ve viewed the webinar.)


Steve Tani is a partner and fellow at SDG. A highly experienced professional in decision and risk analysis, he has assisted a wide variety of clients in portfolio management, new business entry strategy, capital investment decisions, and new product planning. He is a coauthor of Handbook of Decision Analysis (Wiley, 2013)

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