The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategy (Part I)

When organizations fail to develop and implement strategy that maximizes value, one often sees the same pattern of behavior over and over. These “sins” can be the result of failure to have adequate awareness and perspective, failure to grasp reality, risk aversion, lack of healthy dissent, and overemphasis on thinking about opportunities without adequate emphasis on execution.

In this two-part webinar, Carl Spetzler and Mazen Skaf — both partners at SDG and experts in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity — discuss how behaviors that are considered sins at one moment are lauded as virtues when applied at another time or in a different situation. In addition, they will show how employing specific behaviors by the right people, at the right time, can change potential strategy sins into strategy virtues.

Part I introduces the sins. Part II recaps Part I and includes a discussion of solutions and best practices for avoiding the worst of the seven “deadly” sins.


Carl SpetzlerCarl Spetzler, SDG has helped top business leaders over 40 years to create innovative new strategies that deal with the complexities of uncertainty and risk over long time horizons. CEO and Chairman of Strategic Decisions Group, he is the lead author of Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions (Wiley, 2016).

Mazen SkafMazen Skaf, SDG has extensive experience in strategy, corporate development, and financial risk management. He has advised clients in a variety of industries including technology and communications, energy, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to his consulting practice, he is an instructor and delivers courses and seminars in decision analysis, decision quality, corporate strategy and risk management.

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Original Webinar Date: October 18, 2017