Risk Management 3.0: Moving from Compliance to Competitive Advantage

Today, risk management is a standard practice in aerospace projects, with organizations like NASA and the Department of Defense often making it a contract requirement for delivering projects on time and on budget. However, within aerospace and other industries, traditional risk management often focuses on value protection rather than value potential, and has limitations and challenges.

In this webinar, we explore three ways to improve existing risk management processes. By connecting risk management to key drivers of value, you will gain a better understanding of how to manage risk effectively and define a risk strategy. This is Risk Management 2.0.

To move to Risk Management 3.0, we make the connection between drivers of risk, drivers of value, and decisions. By focusing on decisions, organizations can quantify risks and benefits, compare alternative approaches, and make strategic choices and investments that improve value growth. For more than 40 years, Strategic Decisions Group has used risk-informed decision making to help companies facing complex strategic decisions strengthen their competitiveness.

This webinar is valuable for those who are involved in risk management, and especially valuable for organizational leaders who are looking to gain a competitive advantage. It provides insights into how risk management can be extended beyond project scope to a corporate viewpoint. By understanding the broader perspective of risk management, you will be better prepared to drive strategic decisions that lead to value generation.

Risk Management 3.0 Executive Summary Cover ImageView this webinar or download our executive summary to learn how to improve traditional risk management and unlock the full potential of risk management to drive value for your organization.


Dr. Jennifer Meyer has 30 years of experience as a strategy consultant, decision scientist, educator, and author. She has supported manufacturing, transportation, and capital-intensive clients with major investment decisions, strategy development, economic evaluation, and business portfolio modeling. Jennifer leads SDG’s consulting practice in North America. She is a co-author of the 2016 book Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions. 

Robert ConeBob Cone has three decades of experience and a track record of accomplishment in aerospace and defense at NASA and in the private sector. Bob has worked in a variety of science, space, and military programs, holding positions in business development, aerospace trade promotion, technology commercialization, policy analysis, business operations, risk management, and project management. He is the director of aerospace business development at SDG and is currently serving as chair of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable.

This webinar is co-hosted by the Colorado Space Business Roundtable.

Original Webinar Date: May 4, 2023