Right Decisions Right Now: Observations from 30 Years of Decision Education

The advent of powerful computing capability and massive amounts of data should have made decision making a breeze. So why are so many business decisions more complex and contentious than ever?

Too often, decision makers are impatient for the “answer”—but revisit decisions again and again. The “champion advocacy” model can divide management teams and aggravate conflict. Others under- or over-estimate risk, neglect it altogether, or improperly quantify uncertainty. These failure modes are common—if not rampant—when decision makers are impatient for an answer. And perhaps worst of all, decision makers and decision support teams don’t learn from their mistakes.

In this webinar, experienced consultant, educator, and decision advisor Dr. Bruce Judd talks about the path to decision quality adopted by many leading organizations—companies whose leaders now recognize that they can evaluate the “quality” of a decision at the point of decision, rather than waiting to see how it turns out. He describes a highly efficient and effective decision process that brings teams into alignment through frequent touch points. Organizations that have adopted this approach often report that their new product or business strategies are significantly more valuable—and the risks clearer and more manageable—than the momentum path.

About the Speaker

Bruce JuddDr. Bruce Judd has decades of experience as an educator and consultant, working to establish decision making as a core competency for organizations in fast-paced and highly uncertain business environments. He has served on the faculty of Stanford and Northwestern and founded SDG’s Decision Education Center. He is an instructor in the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate program, a new program for mid-career professionals.

Original Webinar Date: July 11, 2018