Premortem 3.0 – The Best Prevention for a Postmortem

Rethink the Premortem as a critical digital tool for today’s complex world in this webinar hosted by our friends and colleagues at Powernoodle.


Join us to gain valuable insights on how the premortem can save organizations like yours from the financial and reputational loss associated with failed implementations. Premortems are one of the best tools to overcome bias, mitigate risk, and increase the success of projects and initiatives.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The purpose and potential of premortems
  • Why traditional premortems are often ineffective
  • The essentials for the new “3.0” updated premortem
  • What academic and business research has learned
  • Overcoming biases and personality barriers
  • Dealing with remote teams and timezone conflicts
  • Having the right skills; using the right tools
  • Real world premortem examples and case studies


Carl Spetzler, SDGCarl Spetzler is an author, speaker, and consultant on business decision making. As the CEO and co-founder of management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group, he has more than 40 years of experience leading top management and boards of directors to develop value-creating strategies under uncertainty and to adopt decision quality principles in their organizations. In this webinar, he’ll discuss how to conduct a “premortem”—and a related tool, “backcasting”—to characterize risk and uncertainty and to avoid some of the biases that plague decision making.

Original Webinar Date: November 15, 2018