Game Theory and the Psychology of Fairness

What are the best ways to approach decisions when there are multiple decision makers, each with different information, motives, and goals? Game theory can provide useful insights into the competitive and cooperative kinds of strategic decisions regularly made by businesses today. In addition, game theory can support negotiations, where different points of view and preferences can provide the opportunity both to create greater value and to allocate that value in a mutually beneficial way.

This webinar, presented by Carl Spetzler and Steve Tani, partners at SDG and experts in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity, explores the powerful perspective of game theory is discussed — including how how human nature works against its rationalistic assumptions.

Original Webcast: March 8, 2017


Carl Spetzler, CEO of Strategic Decisions Group, is the author of Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions.

Steve Tani, partner and SDG Fellow at Strategic Decisions Group, is an educator and consultant specializing in decision-making under uncertainty and complexity.

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