The Future of ERM: Risk-Informed Decision Making Throughout the Enterprise

Why forward-thinking CROs are leading the way in transforming risk-informed decision making throughout the enterprise. 

In leading organizations, the role of risk management has grown to include the upside of risk and is increasingly a part of all decision making.

In addition to the traditional roles of compliance and protection from adverse events, risk professionals are now participating in the value creation activities that require smart risk taking. This expanded role requires a deep understanding of the well-developed fields of applied decision science.

Join this interactive webinar to explore the new role of risk professionals and learn how forward-looking CROs are leading the way in a transformation toward risk-informed decision making throughout the enterprise.


Carl Spetzler, SDGCarl Spetzler is an author, speaker, and consultant with more than 40 years of experience working with top management and boards to make value-creating strategic decisions in the face of uncertainty. He is the lead author of Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions and a frequent speaker at senior executive retreats, workshops, courses and events on topics related to value-driven enterprise risk management. He has conducted and published research on assessing subjective judgments regarding uncertainty and developing a corporate risk policy. He is the recipient of the highest awards of the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS and the Society of Decision Professionals. Based in San Mateo, Calif., Carl is chairman and CEO of Strategic Decisions Group.

Webinar Date: January 15, 2020