Embracing Uncertainty to Sharpen Scenario Planning and Forecasting

Scenario planning can help you broaden your strategic thinking about the future; design better, more robust alternatives; and harness data analytics and modeling to develop more-effective forecasts and better long-term decisions.

View this webinar to gain a better understanding of how to use the tools of scenario planning to create a vivid, compelling vision of how the future might unfold. Learn how to test strategic alternatives against your scenarios to find the best path forward and how to “plan” for surprises, hiccups, and other disruptions that contribute to uncertainty. Apply what you’ve learned to supplement data with judgment and create simple models for more realistic and defensible forecasts.


Bruce JuddBruce Judd has decades of experience as a consultant and educator in strategic decision-making. He founded and directs the SDG Decision Education Center, which helps organizations develop internal capabilities to enhance the quality of their decision-making. Using a combination of on-the-job coaching, professional development, and classroom work, Bruce works with senior executives, internal consultants, facilitators, and analysts who are involved in making important decisions in their companies.


Eric Bickel is Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include the theory and practice of decision making under uncertainty and its application to business strategy and public policy. He is a partner and member of the board of management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group.

Original Webinar Date: July 7, 2021