Decision Quality: How to Make the Right Choice the First Time

Decision quality empowers you to make the best possible choice and get more of what you truly want from every decision. By learning to judge a decision’s quality before you make iRead the book!t, you can improve your skills no matter what your experience level. This straightforward approach can be learned, and is elegantly simple, practical and powerful.

Based on the popular new book Decision Quality, this webinar features authors Carl Spetzler, Hannah Winter, and Jennifer Meyer who share a proven framework and tools to help you improve your decisions, your leadership, and your influence on the world around you.

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Earn a Certificate at UTThis webinar is brought to you by collaboration of the SDG Decision Education Center and Texas Executive Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Texas Executive Education is SDG’s partner in the Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate program. For more information on earning a certificate, visit Texas Executive Education.

Original Webcast: January 18, 2017