SDG’s online webinars, each less than one hour, focus on topics related to decision making and risk management. Here are our latest sessions. For a complete list of all webinars available for replay, visit our Resource Hub. To be notified of future events, join our email community.

The Pitfalls of Heat Maps – Powerful Alternative Risk Management Methods

August 23, 2017

The risk heat map, used in many industries to understand and manage risk, is fundamentally flawed.

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Five Mistakes Every Decision Maker Needs to Avoid

July 26, 2017

Anchoring on the past, rather than focusing on the future. Placing too much faith on intuition, even in simple situations. Many of us struggle with these mistakes when making important decisions. This webinar highlights five pitfalls decision makers need to avoid in producing clarity about their best choices.

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Decision Making: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

June 28, 2017

Why do seemingly good decisions sometimes turn out all wrong? This webinar, presented by two leaders in the field of decision science, maps common decision failures against the elements of decision quality.

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DQ for Everyday Significant Decisions – When Decision Professionals will not be Present

June 21, 2017

Designed for decision professionals, this webinar explores how members of the profession can influence the vast majority of business decisions that are made without the help and support of decision professionals.

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The Upside of Risk

May 17, 2017

Forward-thinking companies are moving beyond risk protection and compliance to embrace the upside of risk. These organization not only manage to avoid loss but also take a comprehensive, strategic view on the upside and downside.

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How Biases Sabotage Your Best Decisions

April 19, 2017

The human intellect is extremely powerful and capable. But our minds have evolved with biases that work against good judgment and decision making. This webinar addresses the common biases that can get in the way of good decision making, and what you can do about them.

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Game Theory and the Psychology of Fairness

March 8, 2017

What are the best ways to approach decisions when there are multiple decision makers, each with different information, motives, and goals? Game theory can provide useful insights into the competitive and cooperative kinds of strategic decisions regularly made by businesses today.

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Negotiation: Closing the Quality Gap

February 8, 2017

Decision making frequently occurs in a negotiation setting, with each party bringing slightly different preferences and even opposing points of view. In this complex environment, our negotiation skills are central to success. This webinar uses a series of brief examples and cases to help us understand how we can more strategically interact with people in order to achieve our objectives.

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Decision Quality: How to Make the Right Choice the First Time

January 18, 2017

Decision quality empowers you to make the best possible choice and get more of what you truly want from every decision. By learning to judge a decision’s quality before you make it, you can improve your skills no matter what your experience level. Based on the popular new book Decision Quality, this webinar features authors Carl Spetzler, Hannah Winter, and Jennifer Meyer.

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Diversity of Decisions: Adding Quality in All Situations

May 10, 2016

This webinar, designed for decision professionals, addresses how to determine and select the best decision-focused approach to deal with widely divergent decision situations. It presents a classification of decision situations and introduces decision quality and how it can be effectively used to add insight and value.

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