SDG’s online webinars, each less than one hour, focus on topics related to decision making and risk management. Here are our latest sessions. For a complete list of all webinars available for replay, visit our Resource Hub. To be notified of future events, join our email community.

How Game Theory Can Help Us Make Better Decisions

May 15, 2019

Game theory can provide useful insights into the competitive and cooperative kinds of strategic decisions regularly made by businesses today. In addition, game theory can support negotiations, where different points of view and preferences can provide the opportunity both to create greater value and to allocate that value in a mutually beneficial way. Speaker Dr. …Read More…

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Climate Change: A Decision Quality Approach to Policy

April 24, 2019

The polarizing issue of climate change intertwines science, geopolitics, economic trends, and the complexity of assigning a value to things that are hard to assess in economic terms. Scientists fear that human activities—specifically actions that increase the emission of greenhouse gases—have set the Earth on a path of significant, possibly catastrophic, change. Then there is …Read More…

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Accelerating the Journey to DQ with Distracted and Dispersed Teams

February 13, 2019

Successful Applications at Whiting Petroleum Today’s decision professional faces challenges like never before. Decision makers whose time is severely limited. Team members juggling competing demands for their attention. Subject matter experts scattered across multiple time zones. Decision professionals must guide these distracted and dispersed teams to a quality decision on ever shorter timelines. Traditional approaches …Read More…

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Toward Superforecasting®: Lessons from the Eli Lilly Probability Assessment Panel

January 30, 2019

Accurate forecasts can make or break a business. But as we learned in our September webinar with bestselling author Dr. Phil Tetlock, who wrote Superforecasting®: The Art and Science of Prediction, most predictions – even those from so-called experts – frequently miss the mark. How can we know if our probability assessments are as good as they can – …Read More…

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Premortem 3.0 – The Best Prevention for a Postmortem

November 15, 2018

Rethink the Premortem as a critical digital tool for today’s complex world in this webinar hosted by our friends and colleagues at Powernoodle. CLICK TO VIEW REPLAY Join us to gain valuable insights on how the premortem can save organizations like yours from the financial and reputational loss associated with failed implementations. Premortems are one …Read More…

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The Great American Pastime: What Baseball Can Teach Us About Decision Making

October 10, 2018

Baseball is a highly strategic game, with important decisions being made both on and off the field. In this fun and interactive webinar, we use the lens of decision quality to analyze a half-inning of play between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. We will show how the DQ framework can both improve on-field …Read More…

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How to Build a Superforecasting® Team

September 19, 2018

Some forecasters are able to outperform the so-called experts – again and again. What sets these “superforecasters” apart, and how can managers nurture and develop a team? Wharton Professor Philip Tetlock, coauthor of the bestseller Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction, shares some ideas.

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Creating Value from Flexibility and Uncertainty

August 8, 2018

Although an increasing number of companies use decision and risk management methods to deal with complex and uncertain decisions, most still underperform according to typical business metrics and are unable to deliver the value they had estimated. Uncertainty per se is not the culprit; rather, it is a failure to make the—often counterintuitive—best decisions under …Read More…

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Right Decisions Right Now: Observations from 30 Years of Decision Education

July 11, 2018

Powerful computers and massive data should have made decision making a breeze by now. So why are so many business decisions more complex and contentious than ever?

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How Accurate are Weather Forecasts, Anyway?

June 6, 2018

A UT professor drills into the analytics of the weather forecast — with lessons for business.

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