SDG is pleased to introduce our new podcast series, “Decide Like a True Leader.” Over the course of 10 weeks, we will release a podcast featuring SDG thought leaders talking about leadership, industry challenges, and decision science.


Podcast 5. “Decision Quality as a Leadership Instrument”

Featuring Dr. Mark Seidler

Dr. Mark Seidler, chief executive officer of SDG, has more than 20 years of experience helping executives define their business strategy. Hear what leaders can do to improve the decision-making process in their organization and realize their vision for the company.


 The CEO needs to instill an understanding of the concept of decision quality as a prerequisite for being able to make high-quality decisions.”



Podcast 4. “The Path to Organizational Decision Quality”

Featuring Dr. Jennifer Meyer

How do you achieve decision quality on a corporate level? Dr. Jennifer Meyer, partner and North America practice leader at SDG, shares how organizations can get started on their journey. Building a robust decision framework that lasts through changes in leadership, structure and business strategy, is a daunting task—one that few organizations have fully accomplished. But as competition continues to drive adoption of ODQ, it is evolving from “nice to have” to “must have”.


If an organization is committed to reaching higher-quality strategic decisions, they will get their teams aligned more fully around the direction that they have chosen.”




Podcast 3. “Recent Challenges in Energy Transition”

Featuring Dr. Sang-Won Kim

How can energy-intensive companies approach the energy transition and how can decision quality support these long-term decisions? Dr. Sang-Won Kim, partner and global energy practice leader at SDG, shares his perspective on how companies can find their individual path through the energy transition. No two companies are the same, and while the energy transition affects everyone, the path to success can look very different.


“The companies that will be better off are the ones that understand how their current actions will influence their outcomes and goals 5 or 10 years from now.”



Podcast 2. “Recent Challenges in Life Sciences”

Featuring Deepak Veeraraghavan

The life science industry has experienced a year of rapid innovation. In an environment characterized by great uncertainty, such swift change is just one more layer of complexity. How are life science companies dealing with these uncertainties, and what can other industries learn from their experiences? Deepak Veeraraghavan, partner and global life science practice leader at SDG, shares his insights on the value of applying decision science to business decisions.


“Successful companies will be those that have clear and aligned fundamental objectives, consider a broad range of alternatives, embrace uncertainty, and make decisions quickly.”




Podcast 1. “The Concept of Decision Quality”

Featuring Dr. Carl Spetzler

What makes a good decision and how do you know? In this episode, Dr. Carl Spetzler, lead author of the book Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions and renowned leader in applying decision science to business challenges, introduces the framework that allows decision makers to measure the quality of a decision at the time it is made. He discusses the elements of a high-quality decision and offers helpful advice for approaching business meetings and everyday significant decisions.



“True leaders have to know whether they are making a good decision at the time they make it.”



Strategic Decisions Group is pleased to introduce its new podcast, “Decide Like a True Leader.” Every two weeks, Dr. Florian Methling invites an SDG expert to share insights into an exciting new topic. We will explore concepts like decision quality, discuss challenges in life sciences and the energy transition, discuss organizational decision quality, and describe how decision quality can be a valuable leadership instrument. This podcast is for anyone who wants to improve their decision-making skills.

Music by Klaus Büßenschitt

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