Quality Decisions for Your Organization

Businesses thrive or fail on the strength of the decisions they make.

More often than not, however, key decisions are clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate, or ill-defined goals. Believing faulty decisions to be sound, management may leave enormous value on the table and miss significant growth opportunities.

Improving decisions and how they’re made.  All companies face complex decisions. But in those industries where uncertainty is the norm, managers must routinely make big bets ahead of the curve: Where to invest; which new markets to explore; when to launch a new product.

At the heart of SDG’s service offering is decision quality (DQ), a practical methodology that improves strategic decisions and enables immediate assessment of their value potential—not just in hindsight at some future point.

Insight, not intuition. Analytical rigor, not conjecture. Equal parts art and science, DQ can drive superior performance in such critical areas as resource allocation, organizational development, risk management, corporate strategy, and business growth.

No less important, DQ can enhance shareholder value and yield astronomical returns on investment. Indeed, the incremental cost of applying DQ best practices, tools and frameworks has been shown to represent a small fraction of the savings realized by avoiding bad decisions—or improving mediocre ones. Finally, documented DQ is the best defense for a board or CEO, especially when a bad outcome occurs and there is an attempt to blame the decision makers who took an attractive, calculated risk using sound decision-making models.

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