Management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021, has announced donations to two nonprofit organizations that share the firm’s mission to improve decision-making practices worldwide.

MENLO PARK, California (October 28, 2021) – Management consultancy Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) has made a donation in honor of its anniversary to two nonprofit organizations aligned with the firm’s mission and values, the firm announced today.

“I am pleased to announce that in honor of our 40th anniversary, SDG has made a grant totaling $40,000 to be split among two organizations that are dedicated to advancing tools, processes, and skills around decision quality,” said Dr. Mark Seidler, CEO. “Our gift will support these organizations as they pursue their own missions and foster the adoption of good decision practices in their respective domains.”

The recipient organizations are the Decision Education Foundation (DEF), a Palo Alto, Calif.-based entity established in 2001, and the Förderverein Reflektiert Entscheiden e.V. (FRE), a new organization affiliated with German research university RWTH Aachen.

“We see these organizations as fully aligned with SDG’s mission to contribute to a better world through decision making,” said Dr. Seidler. “Both of these organizations are taking decision skills, tools, processes, and approaches well beyond their research origins and commercial applications, to make them accessible broadly.”

The Decision Education Foundation was established in Palo Alto, California, in 2001 as a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower youth with effective decision skills that enhance their prospects for better lives in an increasingly challenging and uncertain world. Its focus has been on educating adults who work with youth in order to create a societal culture that makes good decisions. SDG partners were among DEF’s founders and SDG incubated the organization during its earliest years of operation. SDG’s current donation is earmarked for programmatic support of communities with underserved populations.

“Effective decision making is an essential life skill that is rarely taught,” said Chris Spetzler, executive director of DEF. “When students are taught how to make better decisions, their decisions improve, leading to better life outcomes. SDG has helped DEF improve lives with decision quality from the beginning, and this investment will ensure that students in under-resourced communities have access to our life-shaping curriculum.”

Förderverein Reflektiert Entscheiden is an Aachen, Germany-based nonprofit that advocates for better, more purposeful decision making in business, in politics, among private individuals, and in society, based on a clear understanding of underlying objectives. The organization was established this year to bring findings from scientific research into broader use and to encourage adoption of decision-navigation tools and processes. Dr. Seidler and Dr. Florian Methling, an author, researcher, and member of SDG’s consulting staff, serve on the advisory board.

“The first version of our Entscheidungsnavi, or decision navigator, was for teaching purposes,” said Prof. Rüdiger von Nitzsch of RWTH Aachen University and chair of FRE. “After the initial positive experience, the tool attracted substantial interest from other universities and in professional application. It was the wish of the development team and some early adopters, like SDG, to make this tool available more broadly. This gave rise to the idea of ​​creating a nonprofit organization in order to allow as many as possible to participate in the advantages of ‘reflected decision-making’.”


About Strategic Decisions Group

Founded in 1981, Strategic Decisions Group is a strategy consulting firm renowned for its expertise in strategic decision-making, risk management, stakeholder alignment, and value creation. Through a collaborative, team-based approach, SDG helps its clients find innovative, creative strategies to thrive today, while also helping them build internal competencies and more effective decision-making processes to meet competitive challenges in the future. A unique combination of analytic skills, strategy-development techniques, and industry experience makes SDG a preferred strategy consultant to the global Fortune 500. In 2021, the firm celebrates its 40th anniversary.