Bruce Judd, a longtime educator and practice leader with Strategic Decisions Group, was the recipient this year of the most prestigious award from the Society of Decision Professionals.

Bruce Judd, SDG


MENLO PARK, Calif. – April 27, 2022 – Management consulting firm Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), announced today that Dr. Bruce Judd, a member of the firm since 1987, was the recipient this year of the prestigious Pioneer Award from the Society of Decision Professionals.

The society is the leading professional association for practitioners of decision science and decision quality. The award was announced today, the opening day of the society’s annual conference.

“The SDP Pioneer Award is well-deserved recognition of the contributions Bruce has made throughout his career of consulting, teaching, and coaching. We’ve estimated that Bruce has probably taught upwards of 30,000 students over his teaching career at SDG, Stanford, and Northwestern,” said Dr. Mark Seidler, SDG’s chief executive officer. “Students of Bruce’s from years, even decades, ago still reach out on the basis of their memorable class experiences.”

Jay Andersen, chair of the SDP awards council, presented the award this morning. The Pioneer Award, he said, “is the most prestigious of the SDP awards and is reserved for those who have made indelible contributions over an extended period of time that helps the profession of decision analysis take root, develop its core practices, and extend its utility to new areas.”

“Bruce has made a long-term contribution to the profession through the education of DA and DQ of over 30,000 people worldwide,” Dr. Andersen said. “He has more than 40 years of experience as a consultant and educator in strategic decision making … He has leveraged his expertise in both of these areas to help numerous clients develop internal capabilities capabilities and internal decision support groups to enhance the quality of their decision making. He is truly a pioneer in every sense of the word and has created a ripple effect that has touched so many decision analysis professionals.”

View the award presentation and Dr. Judd’s acceptance at this link.

Previous Pioneer Award winners include SDG founders Carl Spetzler, James Matheson, and Ronald A. Howard; Howard Raffia and Ralph Keeney; and Larry Phillips.


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