SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO—28 February 2019—Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), a leading management consulting firm, and Powernoodle®, providers of the premier decision engagement solution, today announced a business alliance focused on transforming the significant “everyday decisions” faced in global organizations. SDG brings new innovations in decision processes and decision quality resulting from years of applied experience. Powernoodle is a cloud-based Decision Engagement Solution that removes barriers to enhance collaboration, gain clarity quicker, to make better decisions faster.

“SDG and their use of the Powernoodle tool helped create an efficient environment in which to receive candid thoughts from every staff member in our exploration organization. We are in the midst of a cultural shift here,” said Chris Edwards, VP at Whiting Petroleum. “We’ve assembled an extremely talented staff, and the Powernoodle tool offers me a rapid avenue for the collection of their viewpoints. This directly supports the servant-leadership culture being fostered within Whiting.”

“Business decision makers have realized they need to bring the discipline and focus to the many important decisions they make every day,” said Carl Spetzler, CEO of SDG. “How those decisions are made defines an organization’s decision culture. Powernoodle fills the gap in the new world of agile decision making with collaboration across many time zones and disciplines. At SDG, we spent 18 months reviewing technology that can help agile, collaborative decision making. Our alliance with Powernoodle is the result of that process.”

“Decision-making activities in the enterprise are one of the last domains where quality frameworks, structured processes, and technology enablement have yet to be applied,” said Deb Krizmanich, CEO of Powernoodle. “SDG brings decades of consulting and training expertise, helping hundreds of organizations develop deep capabilities in strategic decision making. To outperform in today’s complex, world leaders must efficiently engage their busy, distributed, and diverse stakeholders in trusted decision conversations to achieve agility, sticky change transformation, and meaningful outcomes. This is what the Powernoodle solution delivers. Together we are uniquely positioned to help organizations with ‘everyday significant’ decision-making capabilities that help them outperform.”

Collaboration brings Value Multipliers to Everyday Decisions

  • • SDG’s deep expertise in the decision-quality framework, partnered with Powernoodle’s ability to engage and guide stakeholders, creates a powerful combination making decision quality more accessible.
  • • Powernoodle is embedding deeper decision quality elements into the platform, improving decision making for the most common decision projects that the majority of companies make.
  • • SDG and Powernoodle have created training for both strategic and significant decisions, resulting in more meaningful outcomes for senior leaders and better experiences for their stakeholders.

“If you work with great people, give them the opportunity to gather and express their thoughts, and then value those thoughts,” said Mr. Edwards. “This also removes some pressure by offering a chance to really think through and document intent, rather than what can be expressed verbally on the spot. I believe we have arrived at better answers sooner thanks to SDG and the facilitation of meaningful conversations, driven by the information gathered with Powernoodle. To anyone humble enough to acknowledge that the insight of the group may yield greater value than the knowledge of the manager alone: I recommend you bring the tool in and give it a shot.”

About SDG

Founded in 1981, Strategic Decisions Group is an international management consulting firm renowned for its expertise strategic decision making, risk management, and shareholder value creation. Through a collaborative, team-based approach, SDG helps clients find innovative, creative strategies to thrive today, while also helping them build internal competencies and more effective decision-making processes to meet competitive challenges in the future. For more information, visit

About Powernoodle

Powernoodle helps organizations make better decisions through extraordinary stakeholder engagement. Enterprise executives and consultants in strategy, customer experience, transformation, risk, innovation, portfolio and process management use the Powernoodle cloud-based solution to power their decision-making projects. The solution provides an innovative thinking experience based on over 50 years of cognitive, behavioral and decision science research. Leaders make decisions with more confidence and agility, while instilling trust, improving engagement and commitment to action. The result is the world’s best decision engagement solution – powerful, effective and easy to use. Learn more at or for a demo click here.

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