Decision Quality for Leaders

A 12-Hour Learning Experience for Corporate Leadership Teams

The core function of leaders is to assure the quality of the decisions that shape the future of their organizations. That’s a big challenge when facing market dynamics and risk, made even more difficult by the need to gain alignment and commitment from others. The best solution that has emerged is decision quality (DQ). Now SDG has developed an online/live-virtual course on DQ designed especially for corporate management teams and decision makers.

View highlights from the instructor’s lectures, above.

DQ for Leaders, a combination online and live-virtual learning experience for executives, is specifically designed for the decision maker with limited time and a tight schedule. By spending about 12 hours over  four weeks, your team will learn to make measurably better decisions individually and to become more effective contributors in management groups, boards of directors, and cross-functional teams. You will be able to judge the quality of a decision at the time you make it, not just in hindsight. You’ll understand best practices for generating better alternatives, finding relevant information without getting bogged down, and applying sound reasoning. Your teams will take action decisively and effectively. And you’ll learn how leading organizations have implemented DQ as a corporate-wide process (organizational decision quality) so they don’t leave value on the table.

Interactive Workshops Bring Concepts to Life

To bring the concepts of the course to life, participants will act as decision makers in live virtual workshops. The task will be to judge the quality of a strategic decision as it is developed, identify gaps in DQ, and develop ways to fill the gaps. Participants will receive suggestions for improvement.

We draw from the disciplines of business, engineering, psychology, organizational behavior, and decision science to present decision quality to corporate leaders. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • • Recognize the six requirements of decision quality
  • • Judge the quality of a decision before you make it (not just in hindsight)
  • • Identify gaps in decision quality and focus your attention where it matters
  • • Reach DQ in significant decisions in a timely and efficient way

Who Should Attend

This course—which combines asynchronous video lectures with live-remote team participation—is available only to corporate teams. Executives, division heads, directors, heads of decision support organizations, and others with significant leadership responsibilities and the drive to improve decision-making in the organization should attend together.

Contact SDG

To arrange a program for your executive team, contact SDG’s Decision Education Team at +1 650-475-4300 or