Strategic Decisions Group, a leading management consulting firm, and Deep Seed Solutions, developer of deepwater artificial intelligence software, have teamed up to address a longstanding challenge in the deepwater offshore development process: generating value-enhancing, realistic alternatives.

MENLO PARK, Calif. – March 10, 2022 – Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), a leading management consulting firm, and Deep Seed Solutions, developer of deepwater artificial intelligence software, have teamed up to resolve a longstanding difficulty in the deepwater offshore development process, specifically, the ability to generate and evaluate realistic alternatives efficiently as part of the concept-select phase.

Sang-Won Kim


“I am thrilled with this opportunity to partner with Deep Seed Solutions,” said Sang-Won Kim, head of the global energy practice of SDG. “This collaboration will lead to rapid development of insights for decision makers in deepwater investment and innovate the conventional stage-gate process.”

Under the International Energy Agency’s “Net Zero by 2050” scenario, oil & gas companies are still expected to spend more than $500 billion annually on traditional hydrocarbon resource development over the next decade. Deepwater developments are expected to comprise a large fraction of this amount.

The concept-select phase of the deepwater stage-gate decision process is, ideally, where a broad range of alternatives are generated and evaluated. The two firms have introduced the Rapid Deepwater Concept Review to assist.

Leandro Basilio


“This collaboration creates a first-of-its-kind solution for the energy industry and accelerates deepwater project investment decisions,” said Leandro Basilio, CEO of Deep Seed Solutions. “The Rapid Deepwater Concept Review offering is a game changer in our customers’ decision-making processes.”

Generating high-quality alternatives has traditionally been a costly and time-consuming process, heavily dependent on a team’s knowledge base. The solution proposed by Deep Seed Solutions and SDG leverages advanced analytics and SDG’s decision quality framework to automate the search for viable concepts, prioritize and evaluate them, and provide rapid directional insights—all within four weeks.

For most deepwater offshore projects, this breakthrough solution reduces cycle time and cost in the concept-select phase, while increasing the likelihood of identifying higher-value concepts.

For more information on the Rapid Deepwater Concept Review, contact Sang-Won Kim at Strategic Decisions Group.

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