Pallav Sudarshan


Dr. Pallav Sudarshan is a senior engagement manager in the firm’s San Mateo, Calif., office, specializing in financial modeling, strategy evaluation, and portfolio management in the energy and utilities industries. He has worked with global companies in a range of industries to conduct cost-benefit analyses of projects, pinpoint the best markets for accelerated growth, and develop strategies for new business lines.

Before joining Strategic Decisions Group in 2008, Dr. Sudarshan was a senior staff engineer at Motorola Mobile Devices, where he was responsible for algorithm development and standardization for 4G wireless technologies. During that time, he published 10 papers in leading technology journals and conferences. He also holds six patents and trade secrets.

Dr. Sudarshan is a member of the executive team for Overseas Volunteer for a Better India and a member of the core volunteer team for the Art of Living Foundation. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and a BS in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.