Gene Oatman


Gene Oatman is a principal consultant with Strategic Decisions Group, having joined the firm in 1986. He has extensive experience within the utilities industry, advising companies on strategic planning, change, and implementation, including the application of SDG’s portfolio strategy and management methodology.

Oatman has advised senior management teams on business and portfolio strategy in more than 10 countries. Through his work, he has assisted in building internal capabilities and has helped executives think more clearly about value creation and risk in their evolving business environments.

Before joining SDG, Oatman was senior program manager for energy resources and special assistant to the president of the Electric Power Research Institute. Previously, he was manager of planning for the Dayton Power and Light Company. He is a registered professional engineer in Ohio and has testified as an expert witness before the California and Ohio PUCs, as well as U.S. Congress.

He holds a BSEE from Case Institute of Technology and an MBA from Wright State University in Ohio, completed at the University of Santa Clara.