The term “life sciences” denotes a diverse group of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, diagnostics, agrochemicals, and fine chemicals. We advise life sciences clients across a broad range of topics including R&D, marketing, M&A, growth strategies, capacity planning, and portfolio management. Our methodology helps  life sciences clients make the most difficult strategic decisions on these topics with confidence, even in the face of time constraints and a high degree of uncertainty.  

A transformative impact. In life sciences, where knowledge is advancing daily but strategic decisions may set a company’s course for decades, the need to understand risk and opportunity are critical. Over the past 40 years, SDG has helped life sciences clients identify sources of value and make better decisions about how to pursue them and unlock maximum value through:

  • Investments (both internal and through acquisition)
  • R&D strategy
  • Pricing and market access strategy
  • Production capacity planning
  • Overall product lifecycle planning
  • Therapeutic area strategy

SDG’s solutions, advice, and decision design processes lead to tangible results for life science companies, creating billions of dollars in shareholder value and generating substantial improvements in financial performance. We have transformed how companies evaluate and implement R&D investment decisions and our portfolio optimization frameworks have been embraced as best practice in virtually every sector of the life sciences industry.

SDG’s education and training services have been used by scores of executives in top life sciences companies to build internal decision-making and analytical capabilities.

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