SDG specializes in helping companies discover and apply innovative ways to assess risk and uncertainty in order to make the best possible investment decisions. Our approach is applied across virtually all industries and organization types. From Fortune 100 corporations, to major nonprofits, to government entities around the globe, these organizations have leveraged SDG’s methodologies to maximize and sustain value, stay competitive, and execute timely decisions in the face of pervasive uncertainty.

Betting today on future outcomes.

The decisions facing capital-intensive companies often cannot be made one day and executed the next, nor can they be easily reversed: How to navigate the energy transition; which compounds to develop for new drug therapies with the uncertainties in the approval process and markets; how to plan for the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant.

Working with key decision-makers—boards of directors, business unit heads, senior managers—SDG has helped clients in a wide range of sectors analyze relevant factors, develop alternative strategies, weigh potential outcomes, and build the organizational commitment needed to act.

Leveraging extensive experience and in-depth industry expertise.

The strategic and advisory services we provide as a business consulting firm are informed by industry knowledge and a systematic approach to making critical strategic decisions amidst uncertain—and unseen—market forces. SDG’s methodology, commitment to client satisfaction, and 40-year track record have helped numerous companies realize billions of dollars in increased value.

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