MENLO PARK, Calif.—June 17, 2019—Strategic Decisions Group congratulates China Mobile as the fourth recipient of the Raiffa-Howard Award for Organizational Decision Quality presented by the Society of Decision Professionals. The award acknowledges the company’s excellence in applying the principles of decision quality (DQ) throughout the organization.

“We congratulate the team at China Mobile for this well-deserved honor,” said Carl Spetzler, CEO of Strategic Decisions Group (SDG). “This company had the advantage of implementing decision quality almost from its founding as its process for making important decisions. The company’s hunger for learning and for adopting best practices in decision-making put it far ahead on the path to organizational decision quality.”


China Mobile was awarded the Raiffa-Howard Award by the Society of Decision Professionals as part of the DAAG 2019 annual conference in March. Ms. Hongmei Wang, General Manager of Strategy for China Mobile, accepted the award in person at the event.

Ms. Wang joined SDG as an intern in 1996, where she was first exposed to the concepts of decision quality as a systematic framework for making high-value strategic decisions. Former SDG partner Yong Tao, who acquired deep experience implementing decision quality in complex, multinational organizations while at SDG, played a pivotal role in implementing DQ in China Mobile.

Ms. Wang first joined China Mobile in 2000 with responsibility for designing the company’s development strategy and proposing a process for major decisions. “Since then,” she said in a promotional video created to mark the occasion, “we have introduced ODQ to China Mobile and turned it into a tool and workflow for the company’s major decision making. ODQ has helped us establish the mindset and culture of pursuing DQ, which ensures that China Mobile—a giant Chinese company with complex organization structure—is able to make the right choices in a rapidly developing and drastically changing industry.”


Dr. Tao said the success of the organizational decision quality implementation at China Mobile was largely due to the team’s eagerness to absorb new concepts and approaches. “They really loved the learning. People are very open minded,” he said. “Especially so at China Mobile, where there are a lot of engineers who, when they make a decision, want more evidence-based, data-driven, rather than political-type decisions.”

China Mobile, founded in 2000 and the world’s largest telecommunications operator with 900 million subscribers, is the fourth company to win the prestigious Raiffa-Howard award. Previous winners were Chevron in 2014, Pfizer in 2016, and Lilly Research Laboratories (the R&D arm of Eli Lilly and Company) also in 2016.

Carl Spetzler, SDG


“SDG is proud to have played an early role in China Mobile’s adoption of DQ,” said Dr. Spetzler, alluding to Ms. Wang’s initial exposure to DQ at SDG. “And we are proud that all four Raiffa-Howard award winners had their DQ roots at SDG.”

Dr. Spetzler added, “I noticed that Hongmei Wang said she expects more Chinese companies to begin to recognize the value of ODQ, and she said China Mobile plans to share their experience so that more Chinese companies can become practitioners of ODQ.”

“We all know that our colleagues and competitors in China are hungry for management processes, tools, and frameworks,” he said. “I hope that US competitors recognize and take the opportunity to create value through decision quality as well, before it’s too late.”

The Raiffa-Howard Award for Organizational Decision Quality was created by the Society of Decision Professionals to recognize consistent and sustained excellence in decision making throughout an organization. Criteria and a self-assessment are available at the SDP website. Nominations and applications are accepted throughout the year.