As organizations grow flatter, leaner and more nimble, decision-making authority is increasingly pushed to the front lines. The upshot: managers, executives, analysts, and decision-support staff must be adept at making smart, timely decisions in an environment clouded by uncertainty.

Decision competency is a skill that can be acquired and applied with far-reaching benefits. SDG’s insights and best practices, distilled from more than three decades of experience, have helped hundreds of organizations build the skills and processes needed to analyze and solve complex problems and avoid costly mistakes, resulting in significant gains in shareholder value and financial performance.

Learn on your terms—and at your site. SDG’s live-virtual and on-site programs can be customized to your organization’s needs, facilities, and schedule. Our varied curriculum includes executive briefings, training modules, online learning, and pilot decision projects, all supplemented with facilitated coaching, seminars, and workshops, as well as “action learning” that reinforces classroom learning with real-world applications. All are built on the foundation of decision quality, a systematic, collaborative approach for obtaining maximum value from every decision you make.

Training in Organizational Decision Quality, whereby DQ becomes second nature throughout the enterprise, combines live-virtual or classroom learning and practical application.

And as distance learning becomes more pervasive in corporate training curricula, SDG can customize programs to your industry and business, allowing your staff to view recorded lectures and then convene with others for discussion, assignments, and team projects.