In today’s environment, consumer business leaders face myriad challenges and disruptive trends: evolving consumer preferences, increased compliance and regulatory pressures, sourcing and supply chain logistics, brick-and-mortar convergence, e-commerce strategy and integration, cybersecurity, and the shift towards big data—to name a few.

Meanwhile, businesses’ connection with their consumers has never been closer. Troves of data now lend deep insights into customers’ buying habits and preferences, helping shape and redefine competitive advantages. Firms that embrace this disruptive evolution, adapt their offerings, and anticipate consumers’ needs are the winners. Those that are defensive, protective, or slow fade out.

But navigating these challenges and opportunities demands a differentiated approach—one that applies both rigorous quantitative analysis along with qualitative judgment to transform data into value-creating insights.

Winning strategies—that fit. SDG brings a distinct perspective, unique methodologies, and collaborative models that allow our clients to identify the right break-out ideas, and then see them through to successful implementation.

Strategy is no longer just “choosing the road you want to take.” Businesses must set an initial course—while understanding options and contingencies—and then deploy dynamic tools and systems to monitor and adjust their operations, optimize progress at each stage, and remain on target.

Better inquiry, better results. We provide a full range of strategic services that help our clients answer their most challenging questions, including:

  • Retail Strategy – Who wants to buy our products and how can we access them? How should we package the offer for maximum impact? Online or in-store, optimizing your consumer touch points and path to purchase is vital, and having the right products at the right time is make or break.
  • Product Mix Planning – What should be our mix between standard products versus customization? What is the trade-off between volume and price? Strategic plans require nimble decisions that account for uncertainty and uncover new value.
  • Optimal Value-Chain Participation – Where can we play most effectively? Where do we need to play to increase value and/or enhance our sustainability? Complex value chains and global operations demand in-depth insights for investment and action.
  • Ecosystem Development – What role can your consumers play in product development? How transparent should your supply chain be? A responsive and comprehensive development strategy that accounts for complex variables is now critical.
  • Brand Risk Assessment – How do your sales strategy and operations introduce risks and exposures? How do you balance and manage these risks while achieving cost-effective supply? The information age has brought immediate, rapid, and far-reaching awareness for brands, which in turn demands careful management in order to hedge risks while driving visibility and growth.

To learn more we encourage you to read about our recent Consumer Business work.

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