Start by ensuring you are working on the right problem 

An appropriate frame answers the question: What problem or opportunity are we addressing?” Too often, we approach and tackle decisions without a clear answer to that essential question. We fail to nail down a clear purpose. We fail to consciously recognize assumptions. We don’t consider the boundaries of the problem we aim to solve.  

In large organizations, it’s also essential to involve important stakeholders—especially opponents—in the decision process, or we risk arriving at a conclusion that fails in execution for lack of support. Clarity and alignment at the outset about the frame of the decision can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the subsequent decision-making process 

SDG’s Framing Workshops bring key decision makers and stakeholders together in a professionally facilitated setting to understand, articulate, and align behind the decision frame.   

SDG will help you and your leadership team to: 

  • Understand and agree on the purpose, perspective and scope of complex, high-impact decisions. 
  • Avoid solving the wrong problem, which results in wasted time, resources, or opportunities. 
  • Build the foundation for organizational alignment that will be critical to successful execution of the decision when it is made. 
  • Learn to judge the quality of the frame at any stage, and how to improve it when needed.  

Contact SDG 

To arrange a workshop for your executive team, contact SDG at +1 650.475.4400 or email.