Establish a healthy decision culture in your organization 

At the heart of any healthy corporate culture is a healthy decision culture. Clarity of purpose, transparency of process, and commitment to follow-through all confer a high degree of confidence in decision making at all levels of the organization. 

But beyond the obvious, there are dozens of dysfunctional behaviors that can undermine an organization’s decision culture. Unfortunately, dysfunctional practices show up across many different types of organizations, despite the fact that overcoming them would be extremely valuable. 

Using its proprietary diagnostic survey, SDG will help you and your leadership team assess the current state of your organization’s decision culture. The survey includes 36 unique examples of dysfunctional decision behavior and is administered by SDG using the online collaboration platform Powernoodle®. 

  • All participation is anonymous.
  • Invite as many participants as you like.
  • Participants will first vote and later rate the frequency and importance of the top-rated dysfunctional behaviors.

SDG will conduct an in-person or live-virtual workshop with your leadership team to assess the results, identify opportunities for improvement, and help you develop a plan to make improvements. 

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