By their nature, decisions involving the allocation of significant resources often involve uncertainty and shifting dynamics; as such, these decisions are best approached using advanced analytics, such as probabilistic analysis and modeling of system dynamics. SDG is a recognized leader in the design and application of these methods and other innovative tools and processes for facilitating “big bet” decisions and portfolio optimization using a rational decision-making model.

Decision and risk analytics provide a way for organizations to cut through the clutter and noise and home in on what’s relevant and material. They go beyond traditional quantitative metrics and analytics, modeling the client’s decision situation in a way that makes sure the right data is collected and analyzed.

Framing the decision. To be sure, not all decision situations call for advanced risk and decision analysis. Sometimes, complexity is mainly organizational—resulting from conflicts, personal biases, or the all-too-human impulse to drag the situation into our comfort zone, to solve the challenge that we know how to solve, rather than the challenge that needs to be solved. For organizations facing hard decisions, it is essential to work with an advisor that is attuned to the difference—a management consulting firm with the requisite array of soft and hard skills and the ability to apply them appropriately.

Harnessing the power of analytics. Drawing on wide-ranging capabilities, deep talent, and strong connections in academia, SDG can leverage the power of sophisticated analytics to generate and evaluate new alternatives, facilitate organizational alignment, and address an organization’s most profound challenges. By looking beyond surface realities, we are able to extract new insights about the client, uncover hidden sources of value and risk, and clear the path to good decisions.

Over the past four decades, SDG has advanced the state of decision and risk analytics and designed decision processes with embedded algorithms that ensure Decision Quality. Today, many organizations have incorporated our decision processes and portfolio models into their business processes.