In planning for the future, companies today can be sure of two things—change and uncertainty. Strategic Decisions Group’s mission in management consulting is to help clients keep their footing in an ever-shifting landscape, not merely coping with uncertainty, but turning it to their advantage.

Our consulting solutions embody a suite of powerful analytic tools and methodologies that can position your organization to make and execute good decisions and bolster shareholder value. In addition, our consulting approach embeds the Decision Dialogue Process that has been pioneered by SDG and refined over four decades.

The Path to Better Decisions: How SDG Can Help

  • Decision-making is viewed first and foremost as a means to maximizing value—for businesses, that frequently means shareholder value. However, in societal decisions, value will have multiple dimensions, and value clarification may be a key element of addressing a decision problem.
  • SDG’s Dialogue Decision Process builds in enterprise-wide alignment around decisions, getting everyone on the same page and ensuring implementation.
  • The use of sophisticated analytic tools enables you to assess and facilitate complex risk/reward valuations.

SDG’s consulting solutions put more than 40 years’ experience, insights, and methodologies to work for your organization. Our main areas of focus include:

Business Strategy

Devise and implement business strategies that drive success—for an entire business or division, new product, technology, or asset. READ MORE +

Portfolio Management and Resource Allocation

Achieve deep and lasting improvements in your organization’s performance by balancing and optimizing the many competing assets and initiatives in your portfolios—business units, R&D, product development, marketing initiatives, IT investments, etc. READ MORE +

Organization and Decision Process Design

Organizations are designed to be effective and efficient in their operations. That is how it should be, since that is the primary set of activities that need to be managed. Still, strategic decisions seldom align with the organization lines.  Therefore, effective decision processes require cross-functional teaming, collaborative decision boards, and tailored decision processes. READ MORE +

Decision and Risk Analytics

Probabilistic analysis and modeling is necessary to address risk and uncertainty. SDG has a deep bench and many tools ready to address your needs. Our decision risk analytics empower clients to develop rational decision-making models. READ MORE +