We make sure your most important decisions
are also your best

Business leaders rely on us for their most challenging strategic decisions—where to invest, what to divest, when to place big bets. Strategic Decisions Group is a management consulting firm with a special focus on decision making. At its heart, strategy is about making choices about how and where to use resources and talent. We provide the tools and advice that enable companies to make difficult decisions and move ahead in the face of uncertainty—taking the bold steps that maximize value with confidence that they have made the best possible decision.

Improving decisions—and how they’re made.

Companies must make high-stakes decisions all the time—which oil field to develop or whether to go ahead with a drug in the pipeline. The way in which they decide among options can determine the outcome as much as the decision itself. SDG helps companies make the best strategic decisions using decision quality (DQ), an approach to analytic, fact-based decision making that emphasizes insight over intuition, and analytics over conjecture. Our consultants work with your team to craft strategy and make the decisions that drive superior performance and yield significant returns on investment. And, because the decision-making process is fact-based and transparent, there is greater chance of alignment and successful implementation.

Our reach

SDG was established in 1981 by experts in the emerging field of decision quality and remains a leader in the discipline. We provide strategic consulting services to companies across industries, with a particular focus on topics such as resource allocation, organizational development, risk management, and growth strategy. Our consultants serve clients in energy, life sciences, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, government, and other sectors from offices in North America and Europe.